Centurion Boats at The Glen - August, 2007

sHead, sTom, and sRon hanging out in the hotel parking lot on Friday night

East meets West

Setting up camp at the Havana Glen Campground

Teague's 'hotel' tent

Marshall's 'yamaha' tent

Does it defeats the purpose of being portable if you have to blow it up while plugged in to the car

On the way up to the waterfall

Uncle chuck Mosolf snapping some shots

Busch race tailgating

You're almost retired, ma - is that for sale?!

Shalan always supports her boy Carl and the 99 team

This shot is for Teague

Buying out the hauler

The next Nextel Cup champion (wish a lot of luck)

"Tires win races"

The start/finish line area

Relaxing in the shade... yes, that's John napping the car :)

Leila and the fellas

The Mar-Char-Phil Mosolf Trio

Saturday night at the campground

Birk says, "hey junior, how bout you quit runnin yer mouth and get that fire going"

Birkatosis and Teague

Tom seems to be having a trouser malfunction here

shalan and Leila on Sunday morning

Getting set up

The boys enjoying a fruit cocktail, literally

The new 'canopy' actually worked out pretty good once we figured it out

Philipo with his old school hat riding high

Josh, Marcia, and Deb

Not too often you see a heli-banner

The flyover!

John showing off some fresh gear... for the wrong driver

Green green greeen!

Heading off of turn two

Looks like Edwards might be getting the chrome horn

The Brothers Guza

Tom and Leila, the latest addition to the family

Now it's an underwears malfunction

Popeye and Marcia

Steve and Tammy Lang, rising NASCAR fans

I think this was on the last lap - CLASSIC!

The 17 team coming out of turn one

Harvick was trying out the new aero package - hood and front bumper are optional

sTom resting after the race

Probably the last time you'll see that paint combo

Freshening up at the waterfall on Sunday night

mmmm, 'stake' tips... teague, watch out for spicy ones

Coaching the guys from out front

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