Taylor & Paulies' Wedding
10.20.2007 - Omni Parker House, Boston

St Stephen's Church in the 'North End'

Paulie's parents

Taylor's mother being escorted down the aisle

One of two bridesmaids

The Bride and her father

Some new skills I'm picking up - 'color added' aka 'dual tone'

Andrea giving her reading

Using the 'soft glow' feature

Blocking the road in front of the church

Shalan, Andrea, & Katie - all former Spaldinites


Nice ride

Some cool shots at the fire station across the street from the church

Paul Revere statue - he came through here on his infamous ride

'Hoss' and buggie near the Boston Common

Shalan out in front of the Omni Parker House

Shalan and the Bride

One of my favorite pictures

Welcome to the club!

Shalan holding Taylor's flowers

In 'antique'

A few orchids were mixed in there for some color

Katie & Scott

Shalan showing off her Mexican-diamond-reflection sun burn to the Shriner's burn unit women

Shiner's girls

The first dance

The Groom's cake - BONUS!

Taylor and her dad

Getting the dance floor fired up

Some sort of congo line

The candy bar (aka make your own favor bag station)

Shalan and Californian Andrea

Andrea & Shalan with the Bride

Paulie getting serious with his wife

I think this guy was doing the monster mash - LOL!

More classic white boy dancing

Katie & Scott

Shalan showing off her alien phalangies

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