Killington 2006

Welcome to the Killington Ski Palace!

Shalan prepping for her first day on the slopes

Chillin after a tough day on the slopes

Tanya workin some techno

Andrew drinking an RARE glass of wine

Moi taking care of my primary duty - the fire

Shalan and Jake (who happens to be dating Rebecca Booker of RFH) and sketchy Killington local girls

David all ready to go out

Sketchy meets Shady

Apres ski Jake style - red wine, Jager shot, and RBV (Red Bull & Vodka)

Out to dinner at the Wobbly Barn

At the Pickle Barrel - Tanya, Nicole, & Chris

Tanya & Andrew, Laurie, and Yours Truly

Tanya, Nicole, & Laurie

Heather & I

Shalan doing a Bud Light ad

The dance floor... where it all goes down

David working the middle of the crowd

A cool strobe spotlight or some random couple (is that a Crockett?!)

Heather, Tanya, and Laurie with "Harry Potter" outside The Pickle

Outer Limits (the steepest sustained ski slope in the east)

Boarding for Brest Cancer night rail jam

My new friends from the Learn to Fly weekend

Sunset after the rail jam

The next few pics are from the top of Killington Peak

Shalan in her group lesson

Shalan shushing it up

YAH - she survives!

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