Jackson, NH - February 2007

Welcome to the North Country!

Our B&B - The Jackson House

Nestlenook 'Fahms' - home to a classic Victorian village

Shalan on the bridge over the skating pond

This here 'hoss' was chompin away in the pen

Here comes our sleigh ride!

Champagne for us in the 'rumble seat' (the raised seat in the back of the sleigh)

That there's Chester & Little Jerry, our faithful steeds

Our driver had a sweet noth country accent

Maybe Shalan is warming up to the great state of New Hampshire :)

Domesticated deer

This fella would look great in patty form on a bun

Keeping WAHM under the fur

Getting friendly with the livestock

Inside one of the warming huts

We returned briefly at night just to see the place lit up like a Christmas tree

'Lectrics must be cheaper up there than in Taxachusetts

The Ol Country Store - packed full of knickknacks and 'this and that'

View from the Black Mountain Ski Area

That's Ray Abbott's house there on the right

The barn out back is home to sPete's ATV during the Errol off-season (about 51.5 weeks per year)

The Field

Shalan trying out some snowshoeing for the first time

sPete rockin his Adventure Series 'shoes

The path towards Mirror Lake (which we didn't reach)

sHead's shed, aka Marshall's boyhood cabin in the woods

Roof could use a little work... just a couple nails or something should do the job

Shalan relaxing by the porch, leaning with caution

Back at the Jackson House - our quaint little room

sPete working on the wedding 'save the dates' (one of the goals of the weekend)

All set and ready to go!

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