These pics are from the first time we went up to work on the land.
The main objectives of this trip were to cut back all the brush from the access road and haul it all down to "Brush Dump Road..."

Stom on Spete's new ATV

Aftermath of Stom & Sheads' brush-sawing

Stom's truck is actually in there! Nice haul, SON

Stom and Shead running the brush saws

The Brush Dump... of Brush Dump Road

Spete dealing with the giant oil tank that the previous owners left on the land

It wasn't as heavy as we thought, and it went flying (literally)

Marsden on one of the brush saws

Lookin surly after a hard days work

Spete's new Honda Foreman S

Stom utilizing the NASCAR gas can

The group trying to get our bearings

The 'old' fire pit

The start of an Errol-sized log pile

Sunset from Subocz's

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