Welcome to Hill, NH! The Guzas have taken control of 91 acres of land, located right near the center of New Hampshire. Currently, there ain't a whole lot going on there, but things are in the works, with plans for a network of roads and trails, a garage with a wood-burning stove, and a log cabin. Below are sets of pictures from both the "Front 10" acres and "Back 80," along with some of the plans for things to come. Enjoy!

[Set I contains pics from the first time we ever saw the land]
[Set II contains pics from the first time we went up to work on the land]
[Set III contains pics from October 18, 2003, another work session]
[Set IV contains pics from November 29, 2003, a light work/water session]
[Set V contains pics from February 7-8, 2004 - instead of the Fishing Derby]

[Cabin Plans]
[Map of the Land - Front 10]
[Map of the Land - Back 80]


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