Halloween 2007

Arena Farms - our fav pumpkin farm

Shalan winding down her selection

Enjoying a warm caramel apple

A couple local boys

Feeding the goat

Giant pumpkins

Catfish in the pond

Goldfish and catfish

Shalan's little duckies

The first victim - Shalan's 'pun-tin'

Never underestimate the power of a sawzall

Cutting out the face

A view from inside

Drawing out the design on Pete's pumpkin

Cutting the horn-top

After adding some medium light areas

The horn-top

Shalan's pumpkin out front

9 candles always help brighten things up

The whole family

Enjoying a carnivorous snack

The beginning of the Errol-type pumpkin project

We soaked a full roll of toilet paper in torch oil for a couple days

A shot from the back

At it's prime

Notice how messed up the pumpkin is after about 30 minutes of flame

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