Bailey Family Christmas Eve Party 2006

Wreaths we decorated

New additions to the Xmas stock - feeding buck and doe

Our NASCAR stockings return from last year

"Lotta sap... little full"

Shalan's expertise in lighting comes through

The growing ornament collection

Stocking up for the first of 3 Christmases

Working on the snowflake

Let it snow!

The beginning of the gingerbread house project

Samantha with her contribution

Shalan's custom made snowman

And the final product!

Our holiday card collection

Pete cutting the cheese :)

Shal preparing for the party

Cousin Marc, Ray, & Pete listening to stories

Jim & Nana

The youngsters getting into their family presents

Niece Autumn, Shal, & Anna

Nephew Andrew showing off his new car

Samantha and Autumn, always thrilled

Pete his new buddy Andrew

Shalan sporting Nana's offering

Looking SHARP ladies!

Our last Christmas as "singles"

The recently hung basement decorations

Chess lessons

Bride & the Junior Bridesmaid

The Bailey Ladies

Bun & 'Mantha

Still thrilled to be here

Sam, Anna, & Autumn

Auntie Suzie

Marc & his Uncle Ray

Cousin Joshua & Auntie Bissy

Pete's big surprise...

Welcome to New Hampster International Speedway!

Ray & Shal in the Xmas spirit

Shalan breaking in her new laptop

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