Jason Varitek Meet and Greet 9.16.2005

My friend Syzmon and I woke up at 7am on a Saturday morning (after going to bed at 3am) to get autographs from Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek.
The "meet and greet" took place in Medfud, Mass.

When we got there we were about 130th in line, but only the first 120 people were guaranteed autographs

The line was cut off and people were told to leave after 240 people
The people on the right are NOT in line but they hung around anyway

Here's Syzmon and I approaching the door to the store as the line is moving

WEEI Red Sox Radio was there giving away raffle prizes
(Syzmon and I were off by 1 number for 2 free tickets to a game)

After 4.5 hours of Waiting, here's V-Tek right in front of me

He signed my new Varitek 2005 Opening Day Authentic MLB Jersey

Shalan would have given an arm to see this live, but she had a charity walk

The final result

Since Syzmon isn't a huge Sox fan, I had convinced him to go so that we could get this photo I took signed for Shalan

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