Sweitzer Holiday Party - 12.15.2007

New daddy Ken and baby Hailey

Angela and Shalan getting some face time

Justin, Shana, and Nichol

Play time in the Sweitzer basement

Big J getting his swap gift while Meg has her hands full

Shalan is VERY good at playing with blocks

Philly B and Nolan 'Pugleehigh'

Hailey, Mommy and Daddy (Nichol & Ken 'Hacksaw' Hannaford)

Get that camera out of my face!

Teague & Leslie opening swap gifts

Funniest gift of the night - winner

Marshall and Matty

Hailey 'Mini-saw' Hannaford

Duct tape - one of the fav's

Ryan might not give it up easily

Parents on deck - Kristen & Scott 'Skillz' Crockett

Leslie, Ryan, and Sweitzer

Ken & Hailey

Sweitzer Hosts - Matt & Lindsay


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