Pete's Bachelor Parties - Summer 2007

First was the 'northern' gathering in Providence, RI

We kicked things off with some paintballing

Tom, Dave, and Brian suiting up

The aftermath - man, we had some serious badges of honor

Clockwise from 12:00 - Doogs, myself, sTom, Deve, Q, T, Spill, Sweater, Steib

The calm before the storm...

The full crew at super stretch navigator

On the road

Young Bachelor!

At half time

As the night progressed

After a few sodas

Five jumbo pizzas please

sTom enjoying some of Brian's home brew

Later on in the month was the 'southern' gathering in Atlantic City, NJ

The guys surprised me with a suite at the Showboat

Henry says, "this place is sweet"


Watching the Red Sox

Chaz brought his portable beruit table

Clockwise from 12:00 - Bartz, myself, Carlisimo, Henry, Carlisimo, Chuckles, Duck, and Padnes

Kyle (and Ivan and Keeker) joined up later

How does this work?

Wanat ruling in speed quarters

The Brothers Carlisimo


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