The Hamlet House - Pre-Purchase

Shalan and I are in process of buying our first home! Located near Arlington Center (just a couple miles from our current dwelling), it's a 2-family top-bottom, with each unit containing 2 bedrooms and 1 full bathroom. She was built in 1925, but very well maintained and in move-in condition. Closing is set for late July. That being said, here are the pictures...

There she is! The front porch has separate doors for each unit, and above the porch is a 3-season sun room.

Hamlet Street is a quiet side street off a main road (Medford St/Rt 60)

There are small decks for each unit in the back

Here's a shot of the back yard from the 2nd floor deck

Starting on the 2nd floor... here's the renovated kitchen

We're planning to do some work on the lower kitchen to match this result

Optional table for us to buy

The pink bedroom, with two double-wide closets

The blue bedroom, also with big closets

The recently renovated bathrooms are BEAUTIFUL

The hallway (for lack of a better term)

The dining room, with table & chairs for sale

This wallpaper is throughout the unit, but really isn't that bad

China cabinet, also for sale

The living room

The foyer area off the living room

The 3-season sun room on the front of the house

I think this porch is insulated but unheated

Up to the attic, with the hatch INconveniently located above a staircase

We think there's potential for expansion here, but it would be a fairly thin room

Going down to the first floor unit now...

Shalan & I plan to live in this unit, since we'd like to make some upgrades

The living room

Shalan is a HUGE fan of the recessed windows

This wallapaper in the dining room would be on it's way quick!

Foyer closet

The bedrooms on the first floor also had great closet space

Bedroom One

More wallpaper that needs to go

Bedroom Two

The downstairs bathroom - recently renovated

This pantry was knocked out on the second floor

Although it has uses, we plan to remodel the kitchen and chuck this area

Clearly older cabinets compared to upstairs, but well maintained

Also older appliances, but in excellent condition

The basement, unfinished portion (which also houses a shared washer & dryer)

The finished portion of the basement - a bar!

We plan to claim this space ours, and may fix it up a bit (Shalan wants a pool table :)

So far things have gone well with the home inspection and all... this week we're signing the P&S (purchase and sale agreement), we're pretty set until closing, which is set for July 25th.

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