Boston Duck Tour - July 2007

First we went to the Museum of Science

I wouldn't worry about that little guy

Shalan at the virtual aquarium

Making a Shalan fish


Samantha is interactive learning

Insert your favorite Simpsons diarama line here

Where's BIRK to count the rings on this thing!

Learnin' is racin'

The Harold Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge

It's like watching that Russian beat the chess computer

And now for the action...

Boston Common swan boats

Gov Deval's new crib

The really old school by Faneuil Hall

The TD Banknorth Garden, aka the Fleet Center, aka the Boston "Gahden"

The tall ship

Bunker Hill Memorial

Shalan and Samantha in the Charles

The Big Dig's most prevalent aspect

Spalding Rehab Hospital, Shalan's former employer

Other duckies

The "salt and peppah shaker bridge" and the Pru

A close up of a peppah shaker

Pete driving the boat

INTO the bridge??

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