Bruins vs Rangers - 1.19.2008

'The Gahden' (Formerly Boston Madison Square Garden, Boston Garden, FleetCenter, and Shawmut Center)

Developed by Frank J Zamboni in 1949, these 'ice resurfacers' are now available with laser-guided systems that automatically
adjust the conditioner's cutting blade and the Fast Ice system, which uses mist instead of water and a towel

Between the FleetCenter/TD Banknorth name changes in Feb/March '05 there were e-bay auctions (for charity) for 30 single day
naming rights the only names reportedly rejected during the time were DerekJeterCenter and UFIA Center

Mrs. Guza

The Boston Garden's hockey rink (until the 1995 demo) was the last arena operating with non-regulation rink size
It was nine feet shorter and two feet narrower than standard

An average hockey puck goes 98 mph when hit and are known to reach over 100 mph

Warming up before the game

The Star Spangled Banner lyrics come fron a poem but the tune comes from a popular British drinking song in the 1800s

Adopted in 1942, the US National Anthem Code the etiquette rules for playing and responding to the song

The Gardens 1000 less people (17,565) for a hockey game compared to a basketball game (18,624)

In 2005, a Minneapolis Fox 9 news team performed a sting operation with hidden cameras on arms spending
six weekends against a local bar serving underage athletes, and Kessel was one of those caught

Unique to North American professional team sport, the NHL and most minor professional leagues in North America
do not eject players outright for fighting but major European and collegiate hockey leagues do

The last time the Rangers won the Stanley Cup was 1994

Former New England Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson was at the game with his family in the section next to us

The Rangers were part of the 'Original Six' hockey teams, which made up the NHL from 1942-1967

Though no one knows exactly how the hockey puck got its name, many believe that it was named for the character in A Midsummer's
Night Dream - like the impish flighty Puck, the hockey disk moves very quickly, sometimes in unexpected directions

Goal Theory is the label used in educational psychology to discuss research into motivation to learn

Wee men on the ice for half time play

Goalie Tim Thomas played for UVM in college, and he ranks first all-time amongst
Vermont goalies in games played (140), wins (81), and minutes played (3950).

Petr Prucha (Rangers) has 16 powerplay goals during his NYR 'wookie' season, breaking Camille Henry's Rangers wookie record

The latest additions to the NHL were the Minnesota Wild and the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2000, bringing the total to 30 teams

Zdeno Chara (Bruins captain) stands 6'9" and is the tallest player ever to play in the NHL

In the 08 NHL All-Star game, Thomas played in the third period and got credit for the win for the Eastern Conference

The 'terrible towel' is an idea created by a broadcaster for the Steelers when they needed a way to excite the fans
during a 1975 playoff football game against the Baltimore Colts Cope urged fans to take yellow dish towels to the
game and wave them throughout, which was well received and possibly contributed to the win that day

In 2007 the NHL Board of Governors approved a change to NHL Rule 76 which governs faceoffs - now requiring all faceoffs
to take place at one of the nine faceoff spots on the ice, regardless of what caused the stoppage of play. In the past
that wasn't the case (if a puck left the playing surface, the faceoff would take place wherever the puck was last played)

One type of checking, called the Kyle McLaren is described as 'Lure the opponent in, slightly crouch down and
launch your elbow into the oncoming players face or head area. Skate away as if nothing has happened.' Sweet!

In the NHL, a visiting team's centre's hockey stick must touch the ice before the home team's centre does

Chara played briefly for the Lowell (MA) Lock Monsters (now Lowell Devils)
in 1998 in the middle of his 97-01 role on the NY Islanders

If an official waves off a centre from a faceoff due to player violation, then a temamate on the ice must take his faceoff position

Crown Royal is the number one selling Canadian Whisky in the US

At the end of the overtime period, the unsettled tie resulted in a shootout

No good!

Bruins Goal!

Thanks (primarily) to Wikipedia for the facts... just another busy day at the office for PG :)

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