Paradise Island, The Bahamas

One of the islands viewed from the plane

More Bahamian Islands

Approaching New Providence Island (home to Nassau)

After landing, we taxied through Nassau over to Paradise Island

Home for the weekend - The Paradise Island Harbour Resort

Shalan didn't waste any time getting into her suit and some rum

It was all inclusive... drink up!

Enjoying the sun on day one

This was our resort lagoon, with the bridge to main land in the distance

Da Beach

You're never too old for sandcastles!

This was ALL Shalan's doing :P

Out on the dock

Bahamian sunset on Friday evening

Shalan out on a paddle boat in the lagoon

Keep going, you'll make it through eventually!

My efforts were compromised when my boat sank, so I stuck to dry land

We walked over to the famous vegas-esque Atlantis resort

Inside the Atlantis

Back at our resort on the hammocks

Saturday we went on booze cruise around the islands

We did some snorkelling off the boat

Shalan's first time snorkelling...

She had some trouble with the breathing, but that didn't stop her

Some pics from the island we stopped at

That's Paradise Island on the right, New Providence in the distance

STRONG island drinks

The rest of the crew from the booze cruise

This rig didn't quite make it I guess

A couple cool pics through the wreckage

Shalan collecting snails on the sharp rocks

Supposedly if you hum to the snails, they come out

This little fella had some sweet cammo

This chunk of land on the tip of Paradise Island is owned by Michael Jordan

Due to replanting laws, he had to have these palm trees imported - for $10,000 each!

Some other cash-chucker homes along the inlet

We stopped at our dock let off early departures. Pictured at right is our buddy Bruce

Some big cruise ships at port near downtown Nassau

Atlantis from a different view

The big resorts on New Providence Island are along Cable Beach (above & below)

This sunken ship hasn't quite made it out yet

Senor Frogs of Nassau

Shalan with one of our friends from the Carolinas

"Action Jackson's" limbo fire show

Think he make it under this???

JUST KIDDING! Those wacky Bahamians

Here's the real deal - blindfolded under 2 flaming rods about 10" off the ground
(I got to hold one of the rods :)

The view from our hotel room

The fish go nuts for bread

Here they are swarming up a storm for the feeding

A few fish actually jumped out of the water for the food

Shalan enjoying the "jaqueezee"

It got windy as hell on Sunday, and some of the chairs even blew into the pool

Think these guys are hungry?

The answer - yes.

Some local waterfowl, aka cool looking ducks

Before we hit the road, we walked over to the ocean side of PI

The waves were pounding against this reef-type rock

CRAP - waves inbound

We packed light enough to carry our gear on our backs

Self-serve frozen drinks at the resort- with bottles of rum next to it add at will

Shalan spent plenty of time here

Enjoying a Kalik - the only Bahamian beer

Inside the cafe at the resort

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