Bud Racing (oil paint on canvas)

This is the latest painting I did, which was a gift for Tom.
A lot of layering was done to give a glossy effect.

Weave (oil paint on wood panel)

This was one of my first paintings, completed during Painting I.
The project involved cutting several magazine pictures into thin strips,
then weaving them into each other and zooming in on one small area to paint.
Tom currently has this on display in his Arizona home.

Fruit (oil paint on wood panel)

Another early painting, this was an exercise in paint application.
The paint was applied so thickly that it couldn't be brushed once
it was on the panel. It took several weeks for the paint to dry!

Monarch (oil paint on canvas)

Whilst unemployed for a few months in Boston, I created this piece.
I used the technique of laying down think paint to add depth and texture.

Desert Fire (oil paint on canvas)

I started this painting years ago but it sat in the attic uncomplete until 2005.
It was my first attempt at painting without any instruction, and the design changed
significantly between the first phase and the second. The image offers various feelings
based on which side is facing up; I prefer this direction - some sort of Desert Fire.

Two Oreos (oil paint on two wooden panels)
I originally painted this piece as an extra credit project, but the professor loved it,
so I ended up using it as a primary painting and booted another to extra credit.
The cool thing about this piece is that the two pieces can be 'connected' or separate.

Water Fountain (oil paint on canvas)

This is my prized piece to date. I developed this painting based on a photograph that I took of the
water fountain just inside Linderman Library at Lehigh University. The class assignment for this project
was called "The Extraordinary Ordinary," in which students had to find spendor in every day life.

Towers Remembered (oil paint on wood panel)

This was my first full-sized oil painting. It so happened that I was taking a painting course during
the fall semester of 2001, and I developed this piece weeks after Septemeber 11th. It was developed
by combining a photograph of the NYC skyline with a figure from "Entre les Trous de la Memoire,"
by Dominique Appia, with some personal tweaking as well.

Ringing Rock (acrylic paint on canvas)

This and remaining pieces were developed on-site during a plein-air painting course I took. This particular
piece was from the bottom of a (hardly running) waterfall at Ringing Rock Park, PA. The basic story behind
this park is that the rocks "ring" when you bang them with a hammer; I think this is the only place in the
world where this happens to such a degree, and there is no known explanation according to the Discovery
Channel or other tests previously performed. Not pictured- the white border on the painting.

Reflection (acrylic paint on stiff paper)

This piece was done on-site at Jacobsburg Park, PA. A wash method was used, similar to typical
watercolor paintings, to develop layers of soft color, allowing the white to shine through the
paint. Originally I wasn't much of a fan of this piece, but after acclaim from my classmates
and professors it grew on me. Not pictured- the white border on the painting.

Blue Waterfall (charcoal and conte crayon on colored paper)

This is a rendering I did at (Upper) Glen Onoko Falls, PA. Only black charcoal, and
brown and white conte crayon were used. Not pictured- the blue border on the piece.

The last missing painting - The Dharma Rose (on loan with Mary Lynn Super)

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