Jim, Jane, John and Marcia enrolled at the Bacchus School of Wine in fall 2007.

We made a barrel of Cabernet Sauvignon from California grapes (Amador Region).

The process consists of four main steps:
In the fall, crush and destem the grapes in preparation for primary fermentation.
One week later, press the wine.
About three months later, the wine is racked and sediment removed.
This is when we first got to taste our wine!
Near the end of the following summer, we bottled the wine.

Each step is even more fun because you get to taste several varieties of wine being made at Bacchus.
Shown below are pictures taken by Tammy (green captions) of the wine crushing and pressing.

In January we returned to the winery for a tasting
Purple-captioned photos courtesy of Bill Wetzel

Finally in August we bottled the wine.
Purple-captioned photos courtesy of Bill Wetzel
Blue-captioned photos taken by Tom and Marcia

Marcia made these quilted wine carriers.

Now the hard part...waiting for the wine to age a few more months before drinking it!

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