John's 70th Birthday

John received this Margaritaville gift on his actual birthday (May 14th)


Many thanks to our guests who supplied some of the photos below!

John's birthday celebration had a Hollywood the stars!

Recycled Mother's Day flowers adorned the tables.  Thank you, Pete and Shalan!

Posters of a couple stars who couldn't come, although one sent a look-alike

Our digital frame showed pictures of John from his early years to the present.  What a cutie!

Surprise guests--John's sister Jeanne (Ma Kettle) and her husband Walter (Pa Kettle)--with John (Lawrence of Arabia)

Do you think they look alike?

Walter volunteered (?) to tend the bar. Margarita, anyone? Notice the tip jar.

Dick (aka George Clooney), Carl (aka Flunked Movie Star), and Gene (aka Larry David, of Curb Your Enthusiasm)

Lawrence himself

John chatting with Dick, a college buddy

Jeanne was happy to be here!

Walter the gregarious bartender kept everyone supplied with more drinks.

Gene and Panse as Larry and Cheryl David (Curb Your Enthusiasm)

Panse (aka Cheryl David)

Larry and Cheryl David

Wendy (Bonnie) and Bill W. (Clyde)

Bill C. (Richard Dreyfus) and Carla (his wife)

Jim (Chester, of Gunsmoke) with Steve (Jason, of Friday the 13th)

Janet as Mary Ann (Gilligan's Island)

Bill and Wendy (Clyde and Bonnie)

Jim (Chester) and Lynn (Dale Evans) with Jeanne

Janet (Mary Ann), Clive (Beverly Hillbilly), and Jane (Cinderella's Fairy Godmother)

Bonnie is pretending to be blind while they scope out the place for valuables

Dick and Lynn made this poster of pictures of John from long ago

Janet, Jeanne and Walter

John conducting a movie trivia contest. Carla is one of the few who knew a bunch of answers.

L to R: Larry (Movie Extra), Fran (Movie Extra), Steve the great filet-mignon griller, Lynn, Dick, Wendy and seated is Bill W

Eager participants in the game -- Pick me! Pick me!

Tammy (as Tippi Hedron in The Birds), Panse, and Gene

Carl the Hillbilly, Jane the FG, Janet (in back), and Ruth (a Movie Goer)

A very intense Clyde

The Fairy Godmother needs another margarita

Here she is slipping some cash into the bartender's tip jar--or is she taking some out?

Tippi and Marilyn

Tippi took quite a beating from those birds

Cheryl, Tippi, and Marilyn

The ladies were not shy of the paparazzi

John opening one of many delightful b-day cards

Watching the opening of cards and gifts: Carl, Ruth, Jim, Walter (in back), Lynn, Dick, and Fran

Bonnie and Clyde waiting to see if any gifts are worth stealing. Notice that here Clyde is disguised as a photographer.

John is so old he thinks happy hour is a nap.

Hey, what's going on here?

A couple of very useful gifts. With the baby boomers coming of age, this book is a best seller. Carl and Ruth are conversing about whether they should ask to borrow the book.

Steve accepting compliments on the filet mignon

Jim sizing things up and Jane laughing it up (is there a pattern here?)

What's going on with Gene and Marcia?

Tension mounts as Marcia is about to begin announcing the Academy Awards. The envelopes, please.

The Oscars: Best Costume for Female Actor, Best Costume for Male Actor, Best Character Imitation, Best Musical Performance, Sexiest Costume - Female, Sexiest Costume - Male, Most Horrible Costume, Funniest Costume, Most Lame Costume, Best Helpers, Best Birthday Boy

Jane distracting herself from the nervousness of waiting for an Oscar by preparing the birthday cake

Cinderella's Fairy Godmother is SO THRILLED to win the Oscar for Funniest Costume

Jason thanking his fan (singular?) for the Most Horrible Costume Oscar

The Flunked Movie Star got the Most Lame Costume Oscar.  BTW, this name tag is leftover from a game we played.

Tippi cannot believe she won the Oscar for Best Costume - Female Actor

She is overwhelmed with tears...

but went on to thank all who voted for her, her parents, her husband, her children, her grandchildren, blah blah blah

What's Jason doing back on the stage?

Lawrence with Larry David, winner of the Best Character Imitation Award (who stayed in character throughout the evening)

Marilyn joins Lawrence and Larry for a photo opportunity

Dale Evans won the award for Best Musical Performance

Ma and Pa Kettle won the Best Helper Oscar

Marilyn Monroe with Best Birthday Boy

Hey I don't see 70 candles!  Oh.  There are seven and zero candles.

John and Marcia's Oscars on the mantel

The bartender's tip jar at the end of the evening


Our menu had a Mexican theme.  Click on the links below to get the recipes:

Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

Lemon Asparagus

Minted Corn and Rice Salad

Jalapeno and Sour Cream Chicken

Mexican Chocolate Cake

Tres Leche Cake

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