Halloween 2008 in Brick

Marcia and John prepared for the trick-or-treaters in Brick with a somewhat scary welcome.
Our candy bowl...the skeletal hand descended when unsuspecting children tried to help themselves. It cackled: Want some candy???

We used Pete's idea to carve a pumpkin family (including a cannibal).
It was not so scary when the little kids arrived before dark.

Since the house was under construction (new siding), we substituted a sheet-covered solar-powered lantern for a porch light.

As darkness fell, the mood got scarier...we also had Halloween music blasting, courtesy of Sirius.

Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of John sitting, costumed and masked, in the shadows holding the bowl of candy.
Some kids hesitated and backed off with an "I'm outta here!"
Our highest compliment was from a trick-or-treater who said we had the best [scariest] house!

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