Texas 2007

In November, Marcia and John took off for San Antonio and South Padre Island

The Alamo

A magnificant tree in the Alamo

John likes to read every word of every sign :-)

Enjoying an iced tea on the Riverwalk

We loved our time and the photography opportunities in the Botanical Gardens

From San Antonio we drove to South Padre Island

The view from our unit

A kite-surfer's paradise. We were fascinated!

Fishermen at the southern end of the island, in Laguna Madre

The dunes were so much fun to play in -- very soft sand

There is still a lot of unspoiled, natural area

A sea turtle rescue center

Turtles are rescued, healed, and re-released if they are sufficiently able to care for themselves

A dragonfly enjoying our lamp

John feeding the seagulls from our balcony

Fishermen, herons, seagulls and pelicans on Laguna Madre

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