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My first craft show --held at a store in Bayville.  It was the first truly beautiful day of the season (weatherwise) so our "traffic" was very light.
My bags were displayed on a basket rack, a folding screen, and a table.

My friend Genny taking orders for her ceramics.


Jeanne's table runner and hexagonal placemats:


Anastasia's tote bag


Cathy's handbag and change purse

Another bag in the same style


Some hipsters


A new style for me:  the Lynn Bag (also called an X-Bag)


I quilted this pinwheel bag in mottled red on a green-with-watermelons fabric:

A recent creation: a table runner and set of placemats quilted for Leila and Tom

Some new additions...followed by a "history" of Bags by Marcia

Shalan's Market Tote

Marcia's Market Tote, being used as a gym tote

Marcia's Quilting Tote, for carrying projects to quilt class

Red Star Quilted Tote, "available"

Suzie's bag, very similar to Jane's

Colorful duffle bag

Pockets on each end for books, tickets, etc.

Duffle interior

Tater Bags: For microwaving potatoes

And now the "history"...

Marcia's first attempt at making a Vera Bradley-style handbag, this one in Red Hats colors.
The Red Hat Bag

The interior of the bag--plenty of pockets. There are also pockets on the outside for cell phone, etc..

Designing a handbag: The fun is selecting the colors/fabrics, then deciding how to quilt the pieces together.

The Patricia Bag: This handbag was made for a Red Hats gift.

Interior of the Patricia Bag

The Jeanne Bag: John participated in the selection of colors/fabrics for this bag, his sister Jeanne's Christmas gift.

Interior of Jeanne's bag

Jeanne's initials (freestyle)

The Tammy Bag: Tammy's bag, showing her initials in lower left corner

Tammy's bag with glasses case

Interior of Tammy's bag

The Shalan Bag: Shalan's bag with change purse

The Jane Bag: Jane's purse, large tote-size, really pretty fabric!

Other side

The Batik Bag: I made this for myself

The batik fabric lent itself to having a different color on each side

The Debbie Bag: This purse, eyeglass case and wallet were made for Debbie. The fabric did not come prequilted, so I quilted it along the lines of the design.

Showing the wallet open

Debbie's initials. You can also see the unusual grosgrain ribbon, turquoise with brown edging.

Inside pockets

The Adrienne Bag: Shalan's Mom, Bunny, celebrated her 50th b-day...I made this bag for her

The Doris Bag: for John's Aunt Doris, a lovely "soft" pastel pattern

The Africa Bag: This animal print bag was made for myself! Love the brown and black combination!

The Andrea Bag: This print coordinates well with beige, brown and black. It is the same style and size as the Doris Bag.

The Christmas Bag: The ribbon on this purse can be removed for a different look (e.g., purple) or left off entirely

I made a couple of smaller bags with leftover fabric, experimenting with hipster and other styles

I bought these fabrics because I loved them...taking requests!
Note that they are two-sided pre-qulted fabrics, so either side can be on the outside of the bag.

Wild animals on one side, leopard on the other

Hot air balloons and clouds

Parrots and brightly colored hybiscus

Here is a bottle of our wine (see pictures of winemaking) along with two quilted wine bottle carriers I made.

Some more wine carriers, single-bottle size and double-bottle size

A quilted table runner to coordinate with the colors in our dining room

Preparing to make a lap quilt

A Lap Quilt

A Red Hats pillow to coordinate with the quilt

Pete, Shalan and I made cushions for their window seat.

This is an end pillow, my first experiment with free-style quilting

Marcia's first Diaper Cake -- this one for Kim's son Jake

Diaper cake in the making -- no edible ingredients

Tric's daughter Ivy's diaper cake, with a Kasey Kahne race theme

Anmarie's daughter Mackenzie's diaper cake

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