NASCAR at Dover - June 1, 2008

John, Marcia, Steve and Tammy went to the Dover Speedway for the NASCAR race.

The mile-long heavily banked track is known as The Monster Mile

This monster is new for 2008--BTW, the car is life-size!

An entertainer keeping the crowds happy before the race

Here we see the Mummers getting ready for their pre-race concert

At the SPEED TV broadcast stage, fans crowded to get in front of the camera.

Another example of anti-Kyle sentiment

The life-size sand sculpture was truly amazing

Tempting seat cushions...

Our seats were opposite the fuel station, where small containers were filled and hauled (by cart) to the pits

Blurry picture, but it shows a guy pulling the fuel towards the pits

Navy parachuters dropping into the track

Landing right on target!

Driver introductions -- here's Jeff Gordon

The flyover. Oops...missed it!

Finally, they're off, with Greg Biffle on the pole. He led the most laps, but eventually Kyle Busch took over and won, despite the ill-wishers. Boooooooo

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