Arizona and Mexico April 2008

Jane and Marcia went gown shopping with Leila

Not so crazy about this one...

But Leila kept trying...

And trying (on)...

Ahhh. This is The One!

Driving from Phoenix to Mexico, Jim, Jane, John and Marcia stopped at this national monument.

Why, Arizona. Last stop for gas in the U.S.

View from our balcony at the Mayan Palace, Puerto Penasco

What is a vacation without a timeshare sales presentation?

The maids liked to make figures out of the towels

John and Jane drinking it up in our insulated all-day-buzz mugs

John was pretty excited about winning the music trivia contest. The prize was (of course) a free drink!

I don't think mine's empty yet :-)

Sunset on the beach

Jim and Marcia golfed on the beautiful sea-front course at Mayan Palace.

John and Jane joined us for a second round of golf. The four of us practiced riding around in senior-mobiles.

A golf course critter--prarie dog???

Lizard on the course

Another beautiful sunset

The lighted path to a bonfire on the beach

Nice bonfire but no marshmallows

This picture was taken by Jim's new Best Friend

Looking into the lobby

Jane enjoying a beach walk

A former sting was sting ray season

Jim's breakfast--as delicious as it was beautiful

On to Playa De Encanto where Jim and Pete played in the surf

The wedding guests, relaxing

Jim chatting it up with Leila's mom, Mary

Sally getting her hair braided for The Big Night

Jane only did this for her grandchildren (wink)

Zeke tuning out the old relatives

The Family right after Tom and Leila's ceremony

Mother-in-Law and Daughter-in-Law

The Happy Couple

John testing the wedding banquet

...and just generally enjoying himself

Pelicans gathering for the billions of small fish in the surf

We were fascinated watching the birds dive!

Jim and Jane at a rest stop on the way back to Phoenix

John resting for the drive home

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