M&J's Boat Trip up the Hudson River

In July 2008, we took our 22' C-Dory, the 401 Sea, up the Hudson River to Lake Champlain.

John at the wheel as we leave Sailor's Quay Marina

Passing a doggie-friendly beach

Leaving Manasquan Inlet and into the ocean--fortunately a very calm day

Time for Marcia to get some captain training

It's always a thrill to approach the Statue of Liberty

Water taxis and other commuter boats create a lot of traffic and churn near NYC.

Passing one the the New York City waterfalls, a summer 2008 art project.

A different kind of art project, further up the Hudson.

In Waterford, you choose whether to go west, following the Erie Canal, or north, toward Lake Champlain.
Either course takes you through locks...we headed toward Champlain.

We had an overnight stop in Waterford, a delightful town that has a farmer's market on Sunday mornings. We got some great baked goods and local wine.

Although most marinas were very welcoming to transients, this one is a favorite.

We couldn't resist taking a picture of this recliner along the shore.

Looking down from the restaurant/bar onto the luxurious pool at one of our stops.

Who can resist admiring this fine mailbox? And they serve fine beer, too.

You pretty much never know when marinas will be open for business...

A fixer-upper with a view.

Although our canvas was originally designed to keep water out of the deck when the boat was not in use, we found it pretty helpful during this trip because we had a lot of rain.

The next series of pictures gives an idea of what it's like going through locks.
Here, John relaxes while we wait for a lock to open.

Marcia preparing to grab the line that hangs down the side of the lock.
This keeps the boat close to the lock's wall and avoids turbulance.
Nice gloves!

A group of kids greeting boaters

We stayed at a marina in Jersey City the last night before returning home.

A view of Manhattan

Some assorted wildlife we saw during the trip...
A mud turtle (pretty big, actually) in Waterford

Water lily

Cows cooling off

A great blue heron


Lots of seagulls, and a cormorant drying its wings.

A sea of water lilies

And finally, some beautiful reflections...

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